Here are some common mistakes brides make when choosing their limo service as well as other luxury sedan services. This article also offers good advice on all individuals looking for reliable transportation in the San Diego and Los Angeles area. Avoid headaches, ride in style by following our advice.

1. Choosing transportation based on price alone

When you choose your transportation for your wedding or other needs based on price alone, be prepared to get what you paid for. If you go with extremely cheap services, you can often

just got married limousine San Diego service

San Diego limo services by Monarch Executive Transportation

expect low-maintained cars, unprofessional staff and late arrivals. So choose wisely. This is especially important for San Diego brides. This is your special day, focus on quality.

2. Failing to ask about the safety and quality of vehicles prior to making the reservation

In California, car service transportation business owners are obligated to maintain safe cars and operate vehicles no older than 7 years. So be sure to ask about the age and model of the vehicle as well as baby car seats or any other equipment that will ensure safety.

3. Providing vague or incomplete details when making the reservation

Regardless of weather your are purchasing a San Diego luxury sedan or San Diego limo service, you need to provide detailed information, especially if the service will involve multiple stops. All addresses should be correct as well as arriving and departing times. This is especially important if you need San Diego airport transportation. You don’t want to be late for your flight and you also don’t want to have to wait for your driver when you land. Provide details, don’t assume the driver will know where you need to go and when.

4. Not doing your homework

When you select a San Diego transportation company for your personal or professional needs, as well as special events, do your homework. Research your options and go with the service company that has the best reviews, he best recommendations, has been around the longest and has an informative website as well as friendly staff you can easily get in touch with. Trust us, this will save you a huge headache.

5. Not closely reviewing reservation and cancellation policies

Be sure to carefully review the reservation contract and cancellation policies. Just like any business, transportation companies in San Diego have their own policies and they will vary from one transportation service to another. Be sure to review and understand it so that you can rest assured that you are not only in good hands but that you understand what may happen if you need to reschedule, cancel or schedule additional transportation time.

At Monarch executive transportation, we treat all of our San Diego car service clients with utmost respect. There is a reason we have been in business for nearly two decades. We are especially sensitive to brides and their needs as we understand that they are under a lot of pressure and stress on their special day. You just call us and let us worry about the rest when it comes to your transportation needs, whatever they may be.

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